Summer in Los Angeles is officially here! After more than a month of cloudy, overcast skies and lower temperatures in Southern California, called “June gloom”, the sun has finally showed up. Personally, I have to admit that I have been really enjoying that type of weather because it was pretty refreshing after all that heat and I am not that excited about next couple of months either. However, after living in Los Angeles for more than a year I can’t even imagine the city without a sunny weather, it just belongs together.

Before moving here I was afraid that there will be summer all year long and I’m going to miss four seasons and colder weather. Yes, I definitely miss that but surprisingly last summer was much shorter than I expected. I would say that it was pretty much the same as in Europe, but the “winter” was much warmer here ( I would call it “colder summer” instead ), mostly cloudy and even rainy some days which is my favorite weather. People keep asking me why I moved here if I don’t like the sun/heat that much and I just smile haha.

My first summer in Santa Monica was pretty miserable, I will never forget it. First of all because I am not a summer person and don’t enjoy the heat but mostly because of the apartment where I used to live. It was located on the first floor and my window was only few feet from a pretty busy street so I couldn’t leave my window open during the day/night. One day I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a drunk woman peeing in front of my window or two homeless men fighting. I will definitely have many interesting stories to tell my children in the future haha. Before that summer I haven’t thought that I would need air-conditioning so desperately but now I cannot even imagine my life without it. So many sleepless nights…

I think I’m much more ready for this summer. The apartment where I live now has air-conditioning, I can even leave my windows open all day/night and don’t have to worry about someone breaking in. Also, I have finally learned that sunscreen is a necessity here and so it always has an important place in my backpack wherever I go.

Coming from a country where there’s no sea, only rivers and lakes, it’s been a pretty big change for me to move here but honestly not that difficult to get used to having a beach only few miles away. And that definitely feels like a real summer. I have to confess that I’ve been to the beach only few times even though the ocean has never been closer to me. I haven’t even swum in the ocean yet. Maybe it’s finally time to do so this summer.

Summer 2019 in Los Angeles is finally here and it has already started in a big way with several intense earthquakes. For a person who has never experienced an earthquake before it was an interesting experience so “can’t wait” what the summer has in store for the next couple of months.

Matej Strbka

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