projects I was working on in the US
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Some projects I was working on in the US

This are some examples of projects I was working here in the US:


I worked on the Hyatt Hotel, a big project , all the architecture part and interior design part of 2 building with 8 floors.Is one of the bigger projects I was working on in the US. At the beginning I was doing the design part for all the common spaces. All the concepts and ideas for the host desk, business center, restaurant, bar, meeting and gathering room. The theme of the concept was Seattle/ pacific northwest/ Natural beauty. I worked also in the carpet design, really interesting too!



Dong Ting Chun Restaurant, is a Chinese restaurant. I worked on all the design of the restaurant. The design reflects the love of good design and passion for food. Took cue for their interiors from the Dongting Lake landscape, colors and textures from a fishing zone.Casual noodle shop that specializes in traditional Hunan noodles cuisine with industrial style.

The industrial metal look and concrete finish allows the restaurant to blend harmoniously with its surrounding neighborhood.


Cascade Key 88 house

Color and texture inspirations are taken from NORTHWEST REGIONAL STYLE, intentional design choices that best suit the environment of the house being constructed to taking advantage of phenomenal views of all of the natural beauty that the this property offer. Use of locally harvested wood, stone, natural materials and soft color palette helps the
home meld into its environment.

On the website of the Studio 19 you can see the projects!

Ksenija Bianchi


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