October has been a quiet month. We are in the transition from summer to winter. The weather has given us a truce, the cold has not yet arrived. Luckily we don’t need coat yet. This month we had many events. I´m still surprised by the way companies have here to attract customers with their Wine&cheese, flower workshops, lunch&learn, happy hour, dinner etc. It’s well thought out, they hold different events in their showrooms. In addition, they show you their products (obviously that’s the principal reason for them)

Two weeks ago there was a big event at The Merchandise Mart, it’s a well-known commercial building in Chicago located in the Loop. An entire floor of this building made up of furniture companies had its doors open. There was food, drinks, dj, lottery and everything you can imagine, it was a good opportunity to meet other professionals and make contacts. There I met other architecture firms and their work, some of them had competed in the same competitions as my host company.

About my work at JGMA, It has been a month where I feel I have learned a lot. I have worked on several projects and very diverse. I’m playing construction topics and I already feel more sure of myself. But I’m not going to lie to you, I keep fighting with inches and feet… I hope to have it more controlled over time, the truth is that I miss meters…

At to end the month nothing better than a Halloween party. A big party, like everything Americans do, great time with everyone dressed up. It is a unique night worth enjoying. Although it is better to be prepared to take a scare.

Until next month! Hopefully I would be back with some trip to tell you. We are in contact!

Rocio de Rada


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