Kandinsky at the Guggenheim

Finally, after 6 months in New York, I decided it was time to visit the Guggenheim.

I had heard about the Kandinsky exhibition that was running until September and everyone seemed to have enjoyed it a lot, so of course, I had to go.

It was already one of the now recurring really hot days in the city, where any shade you can get is most welcome, so before going to the museum, I took a little walk through Central Park, where so many things were going on that morning. Still, I was firm on my decision to spend the morning walking through the Frank Lloyd Wright building, and so I did.Once inside, the building is beautiful, the light coming through the glass roof to the white interior only colored by the artwork really feels l like a special place. On the ground floor there was a different temporary exhibition and the permanent collection on the next floor, full of Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh…

As you probably know, the most unique aspect of the Guggenheim NY is its circular ramp around the central circular void with the exhibition hanging on the exterior walls. Of course, you can choose to walk your way up or down the ramp, therefore changing your experience of the exhibition.

Walking up, the Kandinsky exhibition was organized in reverse chronological order, with his latest work on the lower floors and his initial works almost on the roof. There were an incredible amount of painting and drawings, really well explained in their time context. For me, what made the experience from the Guggenheim different from the more “typical” museums is the relations created between the artwork across the circular void, where you can see the things you just went through and the ones you have coming up.

For sure, a visit totally worth it and waiting for the next exhibitions to come.

Julio Picatoste


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