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Henning Larsen architects’ the wave and the dissemination of architecture

The wave by henning larsen architects has finally reached completion in Denmark after an eleven-year building period. Due to the global financial crisis in 2008, the project had to be interrupted for a brief period of time but has now come to a completion and with much anticipation, the project has fulfilled the expectations of the Vejle natives. “The Wave” takes its signature style from the inspiration of the city’s landscape and sea, which can be easily recognizable from its five-consecutive wave-shaped forms which align along the Vejle Fjord. After the project was re-initiated in 2015, the three final towers were complete, making a prominent presence in the skyline of the city, and allowing the architect’s original vision to stay true throughout the whole project.


The building is now a tribute to the local heritage and landscape of the area, bringing a strong sense of identity to the locals. It has now become a sculptural landmark that unveils what the future of architecture can be, specially that of Danish architecture. Henning Larsen architects with their internationally renowned projects, does everything it can to promote Danish architecture around the world. They have been doing so by establishing the Henning Larsen foundation in 2001. The purpose was to disseminate and promote Danish architecture and its designers, and they have been doing so for nearly two decades now. Throughout these years, numerous Danish architects have been awarded grants and in four different occasions the foundation has organized international competitions in different fields of architecture.


Their architecture can be described as vibrant, contemporary, and sustainable architecture that makes an impact and a long-lasting impression to the users. Using local context as a valuable resource for their designs, the architectural firm takes the values, landscape, and history of the area to inspire every project they undergo. Their progressive practice continuously challenges every aspect of the design and always push the boundaries of what architecture is today, and what it can be. Henning Larsen’s vision to shed light on the experience and architectural values that their country brings to the world of architecture has incredible value to the promotion of cross-cultural values. Spreading world architecture brings light to new technologies, materials, applications, and different perspectives that fundamentally promote global talents, and more communication around the world.


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