Celebrating Thanksgiving in America
Joanna Kosinska

Celebrating Thanksgiving in America

It was my first time celebrating Thanksgiving in America, a holiday that to give thanks at the close of the harvest season. With 2 days of public holiday and tied with weekend, there was total 4 days of holiday from the office, and I decide to take the opportunity to visit Orlando, Florida, the sunshine’s state. Travelling together with friends, celebrating thanks giving with having a great dinner in a cozy apartment, with many delicious dishes, which fulfilled my satisfaction of holiday season.
The main goal of visiting Orlando, is definitely pay a visit to one of the most fun place in the world – Universal Studio Florida ! To visit the world largest theme park, I spent 3 solid days to visit 3 different theme parks under Universal Studio’s company. A month before Christmas season, the theme park already filled with amazing lighting decoration. Had so much extreme roller coaster ride and countless rounds of mini-game rides, really had an amazing holiday break away from office after months of working with long working hours.

As a hardcore fans of ‘Harry Potter Trilogy’, the theme park is definitely a must to visit the famous Diagon Alley, a harry potter 1-1 scale’s magical valley which designed with wizard theme of architectural detail, to experience the possibilities of architectural fantasy design in a different places.

As an intern in America, I had such chances to visit so many places, will definitely come back here to the Theme Park next time, and celebrating Thanksgiving in America is a huge chance to join the American culture!



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