NYC Seasons

Being here in NYC has been an experience that involves many things, one of these is appreciate the landscape of one of the biggest cities in the world. Walking through amazing avenues during all their seasons give you the sensation of being in a singular new space.

The culture of the US involves many things that sometimes are not acknowledged in foreign countries. Being here during autumn give you the experience of looking pumpkins around the city with peculiar shapes and color. During this time you’ll look that the pumpkin pie and pecan pie will be the seasonal desserts of that time. Although, definitely walking through Central Park during the sunset when the lighting are turn on is one of the more peaceful sensation that I’ve experienced.

Just ending this autumn season magical lights start shining the city while prepares for the most wanted season of the year for most of us, Christmas. The grocery stores, cafes and restaurants start bringing this from the season, that many of them are peculiar from this country, definitely is surprising. Now we’re in the Thanksgiving week preparing us to share with the amazing people that we have met.

Many of the experiences have been amazing here, although not all of them. NYC is a megacity I never expected an experience like this.

Moisés Arauz


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