Venice Surfing Culture

The Venice Surfing Culture

To live and work in Venice has given me the opportunity to enjoy the true Californian lifestyle: the beach culture and Venice Surfing Culture.

The shorelines of Venice Beach cultivate a culture of sun, sand, surfing, and skating. Some mellow waves in Venice are ideal for beginners or those simply seeking a relaxed ride but also true surfers who you can enjoy to watch their moves when the waves are bigger and stronger.

Some points to surf are the Venice Breakwater, located directly on the shore off Windward Avenue just beyond the Venice Public Art Walls and the famous Oceanfront skatepark, which features a sunken pool & a street-inspired area with stairs, ledges & rails.

The breakwater is a line of rocks jutting out into the ocean. This literal break in the water causes a buildup of sand on the sea floor, creating some nice rights. Surfed by thousands every year, this is one of the most surfable spots in Los Angeles. On most days, this area gets fairly crowded by midday, so it’s best to arrive early in the morning for the ideal circumstances. At my lunchtime, I have the opportunity to enjoy it which makes my work daily routine perfect to disconnect, relax and take some sun too.

Another point to surf is The Venice Fishing Pier. Originally built in 1965, made entirely of concrete, it contains a growth of mussels on its many pilings. A 4,000-ton artificial quarry rock reef lays hidden under the water of its outer 750 feet. This artificial reef creates great swell to the immediate north and south of the pier. This is where the largest waves in Venice break. If deciding to surf here, use caution as the riptide is strong. Not recommended for beginners.

Silvia Ruiz-Poveda


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