The scaffolding of my street has been removed

The scaffolding of my street has been removed.

It was the day before yesterday when it happened. When I arrived to work at 9 p.m in the morning it was still there. However, when I went back home at 6 pm. it was gone. Coworkers of mine confirmed me that the scaffolding was there when they started to work in the office, a couple of years ago. This new perspective of the street is new for everybody at work.

New York is a city where you can find scaffoldings almost everywhere. The most elegant and fancy street do not get rid of having them, destroying these infinite designing nights of hundreds of architects trying to match the color of the mullion with the street lamp.  

Scaffoldings are temporary structures that can entirely change a city and its landscape in a matter of hours. They alter the regular flow of people and how the light illuminates the façades. They also create different heights in the street and change the program of something that we assume is for mere transit into people working, talking and sometimes, singing while working. They are unexpected shelters for homeless and can help you with your walk in a rainy day.

The streets are definitely more populated when there are scaffoldings and contribute to create a theatre in a fixed and tight urbanism.

Some other temporary structures may appear in my everyday streets in the following months and I am excited to see how the city changes with its arrivals.

Nieves Calvo


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