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First Winter as architect in the USA

First Winter as architect in the USA

I was able to experience the first winter as architect in the USA and heavy snowfall during the fall season. The snow was almost two feet and it was just a few hours of snow. It was quite an unexpected snowfall but it was really beautiful, except the cold. For me, that was a challenge because I came from a tropical country where the annual average temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not just hot because the humidity is also around 77 percent annually. We don’t usually wear long sleeves shirts or add more layer of clothing unless it’s really cold. When I came here in the United States you have to wear a few layers of clothes just to keep yourself warm especially during winter season.

I think one of the dreams of every Filipino is to be able to experience my first winter as architect in the USA. And I was blessed enought to experience it. I expected that it will be really cold of course but I didn’t expect how beautiful it would be to experience it personally. The weather in the City of Watertown is sometimes unpredictable. One day it’s sunny and the next day the ground is covered in snow. The days are really short during the winter.

Now, it’s officially my first Winter as architect in the USA. It’s going to get more colder in the coming months. There is so much activities that can be done during this season – snowboarding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and a lot more and I can’t wait to do all of it. I will have to enjoy and seize every moment of this season because I will definitely miss this when I go back home.

Gessa Mae Abriol

Trainee at Aubertine and Currier ArchitectsWatertown

Filipino Architect.

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