AIA Architect-US Design Competition WINNERS!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the American Institute of Architects National Convention Architect-US Architect-US Booth Design Competition!!!

The competition entitled the design of a self-supporting booth of 100 squared feet (1 feet = 0.3048 m) that must complied with the AIA booth specification requirements and Cigraph; honey-comb cardboard supplier and only material used for the design and construction of the booth.

The proposal must include the design of a 4’ high counter hall, three stools and at least one horizontal element for marketing material display. The proposal must also have made sure the equivalent to two DIN A3 space was available for the Architect-US and Cigraph logos.

The jury made the selection of winners following this selection criteria and scoring system:

50 points: Self-supporting structural solution
25 points: Material usage optimization & reduction of cardboard pads used
15 points: Design, originality and visual impact.
10 points: Ease of assembly, disassembly and transport.

The jury was composed of the following members:

Salvador Pérez Arroyo, Honorary Professor of the Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, Alex Alaimo, AIA National Associates Committee Director at Large, Blanca Lleó, Vice Dean of Madrid Polytechnic School of Architecture External and International Relations, Ivan Shunkov, President of Harvard Architectural & Urban Society Alumni, Nuno Ravara, Herzog & de Meuron Associate, and Patricia Gª Chimeno, Architect-US US Market Director of Operations.

And the Winners are…

1st Prize:

HELLORebecca Lou Zhenyuan. HONG KONG. 800€ + Construction at PHILAIADELPHIA 2016 + Entry Ticket

2nd Prize:

THE WALL BOXAlvaro Rodríguez Garcia, Héctor Fuentes Veyna, Enrique Flores.  MEXICO. 400€ + Board display at PHILAIADELPHIA 2016

Honorific Mention:

ASSEMBLED GRIDHéctor Guayaquil Sosa, Ricardo García, Sebastián Navarro. MEXICO. Board display at PHILAIADELPHIA 2016

Architect US AIA Competition Winners

Join us congratulating all participants and do not miss their proposals clicking on click on the links below:

Alda García, Alejandro. Spain. AIA Structure

Bacete Cebrian, Laura. Spain. Hexagon-US

Bueno Díez, Ruth. Spain. In Between

Cantalapiedra Barbosa,María. Spain. Funcardboard

Criollo López, José Álvaro. Colombia. Sculptural Panel

Cubo Contrveras, Raúl Jesús. Spain. Hexagon-US

De la Ossa Peinador, Miguel. Spain. X-tand

Del Olmo Rubio, Marta. Spain. Link-Up

Domínguez Martínez, María B. Spain. Funcardboard

Domínguez Rueda, Alejandro. Spain. Hexagon-US

Feijóo Ortiz, Javier. Spain. X-tand

Flores, Enriqye. Mexico. The Wallbox

Fuentes Veyna, Héctor. Mexico. The Wallbox

Garcia Ricardo. Mexico. Assembled Grid

González Alemán, Carlos A. Spain. Light Air

Guayaquil Sosa, Héctor F. Mexico. Assembled Grid

Henao Palacio, Eliana. Colombia. Sculptural Panel

Hermida Gómez, Cristina. España. In Between

Lou, Rebecca Zhenyuan. Hong Kong. Hello

Muñoz, Ivana Manuela. Argentina. Un, Dos, Tres

Murua Sarraoa, Garazi. Spain. Standing Cards

Navarro, Sebastián. Mexico. Assembled Grid

Navas del Peral, Pablo. Spain. Hexagon-US

Pastrona Bunteh, Diego Ramón. Argentina. Un, Dos, Tres

Rangel Ronderos, César. Venezuela. Ci-Stand

Rodríguez García, Álvaro G. Mexico. The Wallbox

Urdampilleta Aramburu, Maddi. Spain. Standing Cards

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our competition and helped make it a success!



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