Any given day in Rockaway Beach: sun, relax and the sea! It is really easy to get away from Manhattan and arrive to a beautiful beach in just one hour! Going some miles out of the city center you can find beautiful and natural spots.

The last weekend I enjoyed a great day under the sun in Rockaway Beach. It is a nice beach in Brooklyn just one hour by subway and you can enjoy the soft breeze of the sea in your face.

This beach is one of the longest in the area, perfect to those who love having walks by the sea shore. There is a good peace feeling and the cyclists make a cozy atmosphere with their music round the wheels.

For surfing lovers it is a great place too. There are numerous areas reserved for surfing and the water is quite wild! And take my word for it since I am coming from the cold and wild beaches from the north of Spain!

Another thing you should do before leaving is to try an ‘arepa’ from one of the restaurants close by. I really love them. It usually gets kind of packed with people there, but it is really worth it. I always try to place my towel in the sand near the restaurant so as to have it at hand anytime. That is the key!

The last thing I recommend is to go on Saturday rather than Sundays since you can enjoy the night life which starts after the beach day. There are some restaurants with live music and people dancing all over the place, talking and enjoying in the sand even at night.

It is a good place to say farewell to the New York summer!


Belén Dominguez


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