Kansas City with my J1 Visa
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A new chapter Kansas City with my J1 Visa

To start I’m Tamanna Sethi, a third-year student from Chandigarh College of Architecture, Chandigarh, India. Being a student of Architecture, I’ve worked day and night to get to where I am, to go to Kansas City with my J1 Visa. You have to pull all-nighters to get your work done. You have to explore things, books, technology to get to the top and most important thing is to explore the world.

You cannot surround yourself with four walls and think out of the box. Over the years I’ve seen my seniors going to other countries to do their internships and listening to their experiences has always been a delight.

And when it was time for me to explore an internship in Kansas City with my J1 Visa… I had a big question in mind…

Where do I want my memories to be? What do I really want from this internship? Is Will going to another country be the right choice? Believe me, these are the questions that go through your mind all the time when it’s time to be a little mature.
Over the time I figured out what I wanted and came out with the decision as America to make my memories, to follow my dreams, to explore my skills as a budding architect and thus began my journey.
I made my portfolio and started sending emails to various architects and architectural firm all over America. For weeks, my only job was to send emails to each and every possible architectural firm where I thought I could fit in. At last, one night I received a reply from Principal of B+A Architecture saying, “we have shortlisted your portfolio over the various portfolios we received. Are you still available?” Believe me, these words seem more magical than anything else! Finally, I was happy and amazed that everything that I dreamt of is going to happen now.

But there were certain hurdles those were yet to come – THE PROCESS which was made easy for me by my employer who referred me to Architect-US. I was concerned about how long will it take to get my sponsorship done as I was late for my process. I was in mid-way really clueless about what’s going to happen.

When I first contacted Architect-US, I was not sure about my acceptance for the program but then the team was so welcoming and enthusiastic about the work that everything seemed easy to go to Kansas City with my J1 Visa.

Even though, through all the enthusiasm and timely work, the only things that always bugs you in the back of your mind are…will I be able to make it on time? As I was a little late to start the process, the two-month journey from acceptance to submission of documents to final visa appointment is very difficult to get through as a student who’s aim was just to go to the USA to follow her dream.

Those times were the longest and the most exhausting for me but finally, I am in Kansas City with my J1 Visa.

When the things are out of your hand and out of your comfort zone that’s the time you start losing hope.

I was on that moment when one night I received a mail from my program advisor saying, “congratulations your documents are ready and will be shipped to you soon and you can now book your visa appointment.”

I was on top of the world at that time and I couldn’t think of anything but my American dream!

Then came the final step – The D Day…. the day of my J1 visa appointment. Walking into the American consulate the only thing I could think of was… this is it! It’s the final step! You are gonna fly after this!… and while I was standing in the cue waiting for my turn listening to acceptance and rejection, those inner sounds were slowly taking the back seat and going away. I stood at the counter for my interview and was numb what’s going to happen because there were candidates for J1 Visa who were rejected before me and I was not sure what it’s gonna be for me… will I get through this last step?

The lady smiled and I wished her and then began the question around.. after all the question it was time for her to decide whether to pick the white paper for rejection or the booklet for acceptance.
I was handed over the booklet and said: “Your J1 visa has been approved, welcome to the United States of America”.

That moment… those words… I could see my entire six months flashing through my eyes.. those all-nighters, those tensions, those emotions… I could see them all in a flash!

I walked out of the embassy and there it was my dream which was going to be true in a few days…
I’m really very excited to make beautiful memories and to enjoy every moment of my days while I’m there.

I’m ready for a new chapter of my life.. a new beginning and I’m thankful to my program advisers – Ms. Patricia, Ms. Emilia and the entire team of Architect-US to make my dream come true.

Kansas City… here I come!

Tamanna Sethi


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