Public Transport in Orlando
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Orlando public transportation

I would like to share some thoughts that recently had about the public transport in Orlando. To tell the truth, there are not many options for public transportation in this place. The city has been developed really spread out and public transportation didn’t catch up. That’s why almost all people move with private means of transportation, basically car.

Public transport is reduced to services like Uber, few taxis, one tram line and some bus routes.

As I told before and like the great majority of the citizens, I move with a car that I had to buy when I got here, so when I have to use public transportation I almost get excited about it. This afternoon was one of these days; I had to go to downtown without my car so I used the Sunrail, the Orlando tram. I have to say that I was well synchronized with the tram timetable, so I got to my destination faster that would have been by car. It is strange to see how the tram has only two wagons, something impossible in Metro of Madrid or almost everywhere else but it looks that there is no need to add more. Probably the fact that the track crosses roads at the same level and the cars have to wait makes it difficult too, in a city that in rush hour has really dense traffic. It does not look to be very efficient. With the main tram line being almost parallel to the main motorway, probably part of the traffic could be reduced if the public transportation was more popular.

Tomorrow I will be back to my car, but it feels good remembering how to use public transportation!

Rosa Llabrés


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