Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges
Brendan Church

First two months: Favorite places

After two months living in the city that never sleeps, I can start listing what I consider my favourite spots in the city.

For me, music is an important part of my life. You all know that feeling when you are listening to live music and you start thinking why aren’t those guys playing famous with such a talent. That is the feeling I get every time I go to Arlene’s Groceries, a small bar located in East Village. Their daily events attract a lot of music lovers into a small and full of love and respect space. I personally love their Thursday’s events mixing jazz jams with smooth hip hop freestyle. You don’t need to know anyone to go there, just show up and you’ll make a lot of new friends.

In terms of lifestyle, the whole area of Bushwick is where I really feel like home. Music in the streets, children playing everywhere, countless amount of restaurants and a lot of diversity. I found a really small cafe where you can meet a lot of interesting people, it’s called Foster Sundry. I recommend you to go if you like good coffee and long and deep conversations.

Finally, if what you want to do is having a nice relaxing walk, my favourite spot to do so is the East Riverside in Manhattan. you can walk from Pier 15 all the way up to the end of the East River Park. It’s a long walk but then views are priceless, you’ll see the skyline of Brooklyn at the other side of the river and you’ll get to walk under three of the main bridges connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. A walk that is definitely worth it.



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