Waterfall House – Frank Lloyd Wright

I still remember my first design and history classes in the university while I was studying to become an architect.

The professors showed us the greatest works of famous architects to be the inspiration for our works. One of my favourites was Frank Lloyd Wright, I always dreamed to visit one of his masterpieces and being an architect in the USA gives you the chance to make it real.

This country is full of those architecture works. In the past, I had the opportunity to travel to New York and visit the Solomon Guggenheim Museum, which was very interesting and the first of many buildings that I was going to visit in my stay here.

Last April, when the spring was starting, I travelled to Pensylvania to see in person one of the most impressive architectural works by my favourite architect. The Waterfall house, built between 1936 and 1939, is a construction that combines the modern design of those years with nature. Is a perfect combination of engineering, design, and art. My colleagues and I could tour the house from its interior to the whole area that it is emplaced. The three waterfalls that surround the house make it the place of dreams. The tour included a walking on every space of the house (the living room, every bedroom, each balcony and even the guest house) It also included a guide that told us the complete story of the house, the owners background and every detail that they and Wright had in mind when he designed the house.

This was an amazing experience that I will never forget and I strongly recommend that if you are an architect and have the chance to go there, you should not hesitate on do it. I hope to be able to keep visiting this kind of historic places in the time that I am in the US.


Emiliano Hernández


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