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Frank Lloyd Wright in Lakeland

When we think of Frank Loyd Wright the first thing that we come up with is obviously Fallingwater House.

Is not arguable that it is one of his most representative works and also one of the most photographed houses over the last century. But wright works are very extensive and there are a lot of them scattered along many places. One of them is the university complex in Lakeland, here in Florida and very close to Orlando. The students are very proud of having a campus that was designed by Wright, you do not have the opportunity to study in an architectural masterpiece in many places.

To be sincere if you have been to Fallingwater house this complex has not the same level of “excitement” but if you are an architect it deserves a visit. The complex has several buildings joined by paths covered by canopies (yes, in Florida rains a lot) with each piece distilling wright details. My favourite piece was one of the class buildings with each room connected to a really interesting central patio. Some of the parts of the complex look like they needed a little more care in the maintenance but still, there are things to learn in every corner. Definitely, a place to visit!


Rosa Llabrés


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