J1 Visa Process

J1 Visa process, On the way to the USA!

Here we are, this moment when you decide to take on a new challenge, the desire to push yourself beyond your limits and live an incredible experience in the US! I will tell you my J1 Visa Process.

Hello! As a French young architect I did not expect that it was possible to find a job in the US otherwise than the classical way (H1B or Green Card) but to my surprise, I was eligible for the J1 visa. I discovered the Architect-US website last November and decided to apply for the training program. Here is a brief summary of my J1 Visa Process

1 – Apply for Architect-US

After a selection by your resume & Portfolio, you will collect all the different documents necessary to build your profile according to your Architectural experience (Academic and professional). It took some time to get all the documents like reference letters, Academic transcripts, professional certifications… (Especially all translate in English) but nothing impossible. Finally, I started the selection process in December.

2 – Selection process

You will receive different offers from several companies depending on your profile. It is your choice if you are interested to accept or not. Just take the time to see the offer like what kind of company it is (large, small, architecture, landscape, interior design….), if you are interested in their work, the location…

3 – Interview

Beginning of February I got my first interview with M-Rad Architecture in Los Angeles (by Uber Conference). Like every interview just be yourself! One week later I received a job offer letter!

4 – J1 Visa Process

After accepting the job offer you will follow the visa process step by step (signed documents, fees payment…) you just need to receive the official documentation (DS-2019, SEVIS, DS-7002…) necessary for your visa and then scheduled an Embassy appointment. In Paris, the process was not very easy but to my surprise, it was very fast (I spent less than one hour in the US Embassy and the interview was very good). Then 3 days later I received my passport with the visa stamped!

5 – Let’s go!

Next step, take a flight and start the US experience!

I would like to thanks all the Architect-US team and especially Isabel, Emilia, and Patricia who provide me with a significant help in my J1 Visa Process to succeed in the best conditions. Thank you very much!

Etienne Serveau


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