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Exhibition of David Hockney – MET museum

A few weeks ago the exhibition in the MET museum about the works and paintings of  the american artist David Hockney came to the end. I went to admire Hockney´s work with a mexican friend of the office.

The atmoshpere created by his paintings, with the different range of colors depending on the place and the state they were painted, was awesome. The exhibition was extremely and clearly curated with the artist´s works separated by his different artistic periods.

The first room was dedicated to some of his latest paintings: His most experimental artworks with an abstract approach more focus in the way they were presented than in what they contained. Some of this artworks where his most famous ones.

In the following rooms were presented his famous paintings about the 60´s in
. The feeling with his work was an asbolute connection with the air he was trying to catch. A 60´s californian air represented with pastel bright colors and plane perspectives that created an inmmediate need of visiting a pool or going to the beach. You could really felt the summer was almost there, the sun was burning your skin and the room was warmer than the other ones.

A must see exhibition that gathered in his very last weekend a lot of curious and lovers of Hockney´s work.

A pleasure to have the opportunity to enjoy  the huge cultural offer of New York city.


Nieves Calvo


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