National Museum of African American History and Culture.

The National Museum of African American History & Culture is more than just a museum, this is a masterpiece of the architecture because its location and its design represent the past, present, and future of the African American Experience in ways tangible and symbolic. This is achieved thanks to the perfect combination between the exhibition and the architecture of the building.

The first view that you will see of this impressive museum from Constitution Avenue to the north will be the Washington Monument as a background, you didn’t even enter the museum and you already start to enjoy the visuals that this building offers you! It is like reading a book, the prologue hooks you so much that you want to continue reading in order to discover the end of the story.

One feature that impressive me about the façade is how the enveloping lattice also opens the building to exterior daylight, which can be modulated according to the season. In addition to this, is fascinating how the ornamental bronze-colored metal lattice which wrap the entire building contrasts with its surroundings, giving prominence to the museum!

Inside the museum you can see how the exhibits merge with the interior architecture, experiencing with material, lights, texture and special effects in the sound giving viewers a unique and dynamic experience about the African American History.

Another feature that makes it an unique museum is the way the architects linked and used the modernity to exhibit history. It is simply perfect as they designed this building, not only provides valuable information on African American history but also conveys emotions in every corner of this museum.

To sump up, this is my favorite museum ever because it materializes everything that an Architect must project in their designs, provide the user with a unique experience while touring the spaces of their work.

Gianina Aldazábal

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