1985-1995 A group show about loss, anger, strength, community and paint.

The non-profit artists’ organization Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition presented last Sunday at the BWAC Gallery in Redhook, Brooklyn, an art exhibition by 12 painters who developed their work during the AIDS epidemic and the culture wars of the Reagan and Bush years.

The early ’80s was an optimistic period of time for a generation of artists that found in the Lower East Side a great place to grow and show their work. However these artists were affected by the devastating HIV and AIDS epidemic and the collapse of the East Village art scene. Some of the artists that take part of the exhibition lost their lives too early to the disease –Marc Lida and Richard Hofmann-, while the survivors –Audrey Anastasi, Jane Bauman, John Bradford among others- having lost family and colleagues, continued creating traumatized.

The artists, who mostly worked in expressionist and figurative art, used their paintings to communicate suffering and anger about the deaths that around them, but also the possibility of redemption.

The exhibition will be open to the public on weekends between March 18 and April 14, 2018.

Maria Lopez


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