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Part of the experience of living in another country implies accepting traditions and practicing typical activities, That was my reason to discover Coney Island. 

Since the beginning of the season I had wanted to go to the popular amusement park in Coney Island. I would organize almost every weekend to do so however, there was always some better plan, forcing me to pospone. Fortunatly last weekend there were no excuses and I found myself on the train towards this amazing place. 

I believe that only through experience is one allow to give an opinion about a certain place, being Coney Island the perfect example to keep this advice in mind. I have been told several things regarding this area, most of these were negative comments, trying to prevent me from going. I decided not to listen to any “warning” and took my chance. 

I asked (almost forced) my friends to join me and got on a one hour ride to Brooklyn to finally arrive at this crazy place; I must say I loved it. Coney Island has a relaxing atmosphere that makes you travel back in time to feel like a child again, able to play for the whole day. It may not be the clean and perfect spot in the city but anyway is worth the visit. 

So, here is my advice, I would recommend everyone to go to Coney Island. to build their own opinion; to be ready to practice something without letting other people experience get in the middle, in New York there are plenty of possibilities to do so. 


Stefania Sconfienza

Intern at JMANew York

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