Cheap Broadway shows and Opera tickets in NY

Whoever wants to go to a show paying less than the usual price, please stand up. I’m going to tell you how to do it.

First I want to talk briefly about Tickets booth in Times Square. This is an option for getting same-day good tickets at a cheaper price. That means you’ll probably end up paying around 100 dollars for a seat priced at 200. Be sure to be in the line soon enough so you are one of the first ones, and have in mind more than one show you’d like to see. Maybe this is the best option if you are not living in the city.

If you live in the city, you should be playing the Broadway lottery right now! Follow the link below, choose a musical (or more!), and play 1 or 2 tickets. Playing is free, and if you win, you’ll have one hour after the game closes to buy the tickets. Some comments: check when the lottery opens and closes in advance; you can only play for the show of the day or the day after (depending on the rules of each particular musical); if you play two tickets, and you win, you don’t have to buy both. You can go to Aladdin, Wicked or Cats for less than 40 bucks. Great deal there!

Note that not every musical is available, and there are some with their own lottery, as Anastasia. And be patient! Sometimes you’ll win the first time you play, but you may be playing for weeks until you get it!

Last, but not least, I want to let you know about the Metropolitan Opera. There are usually very cheap tickets (as low as 25$) in the higher section of the theater. Just be sure to take them some weeks in advance.

The other option is “rush tickets”. The Metropolitan Opera releases every day some tickets at 25 dollars… to be seated on the orchestra!! Check the time they open the ticket sale and be ready! They sell out in one minute! You can get one or two tickets in some of the best locations.

As always, any doubt, feel free to contact me… or invite me to a show!


Isabel Lorenzo


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