Useful tips for your next trip to New York

Well, there are many other things one should do in New York, I know… This is why I have already bought a flight ticket to go there again!

For the Thanksgiving, I decided to spend a few days in New York. What a great gift! It was amusing, thus I would share with you my experience, hoping you will find my useful tips for your next trip to New York.

  • A walk in Midtown. You will see how amazing is walking through Midtown! Follow me! If you are looking for a particular accessorize to enrich your wardrobe, you can walk on Mulberry Street, in Nolita neighborhood, where standout boutiques and “unique” shoe shops are. Once you are there, do not pass the chance to seek out the Italian food stores located in Little Italy (as Italian, I must say that it is not the best place to eat Italian delicacies – Greenwich Village is probably the best neighborhood to get Italian food – but you will get the chance to hear the south Italian accent over there). Keep walking to the west to appreciate the industrial architecture of the buildings in Soho. If you are not tired yet, keep going towards the riverside through the charming Greenwich Village neighborhood (taking a picture in Washington square is a MUST!). If you need a break, maybe drinking a good coffee, stop by a small cafeteria named “The EKF” on Charles Street…, you gonna love it! You are thinking it’s enough? The best is yet to come, but you are close! In fact, at this point, you are only a couple of steps away from one of my favorite spot of the city…reach the pier 46 on the west side to enjoy the view of New Jersey city skyline reflecting on the Hudson water. Breathtaking! The last doozy…once you are there, turn around and look at the twin-towered residential complex designed by Richard Meier.
  • A beer at the Chelsea Market. Who visits New York cannot miss a walk on the High Line, the public park built on a historic rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side. From the promenade, you can see the surrounding architecture—a mix of industrial landmarks and gleaming new structures—and passes through the old loading dock of the former Nabisco factory, which now houses the eateries and shops of Chelsea Market. About this…Chelsea Market is a great place to drink a beer and grab a hamburger, but you must like the crowded places (as all the markets in the world!). Before I forget! When you arrive on the West 28th Street walking on the High Line, do not miss the chance to look at the last building designed by Zaha Hadid.
  • The King of the Skyscraper. I am talking of The Empire State Building! The view of city skyline from the roof is outstanding, of course, it is…but take also a minute to see the exhibition on the construction of the building. I was impressed by the time in which they built it: just 11 months to raise 102 stores!
  • Art Capital of US. New York is full of museums and art galleries…you have to only choose depending on what you like. Well, the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim were my choices! It is not so common to look at the works of Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso or Kandinsky so closely…with the additional credit of seeing the masterpiece of one of the most brilliant architect of the XX century, Frank Lloyd Wright.
  • Times Square. Time square is one of the symbols of the city that never sleeps…try to go there in the evening though. Honestly, this wasn’t my favorite place, but if you are there my suggestion is to walk a couple of blocks south to take a look to the New York Time Tower designed by Renzo Piano.

Well, there are many other things one should do in New York, I know… This is why I have already bought a flight ticket to go there again! I hope you like these useful tips for your next trip to New York!


Chiara De Luca


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