It’s fall! Transition times

Last month, I told you more about the firm I joined to perform my training. READ Architecture & Design is still only two years old, and has increased very fast this year. When I first met with them last winter, they were only two members in the team. And when I joined the office six months later, the team had already increased to  six people. Lots of interesting and challenging projects have come one after another. We are currently working on ten of them, at different phases. 

September always has that taste of transition, with a sense of timing to tighten and reorganize our lives. Well, at READ, it feels exactly the same right now. We are re-organizing our internal processes, redefining our quality standards. We work on every cross-disciplinary aspect concerning the firm, from communication to management tools. Everything has been growing so fast lately, that it feels really necessary to consolidate our infrastructure before entering another phase of development. 

We are passionate about our projects and fully dedicated to refining our relationships around it. To grow that way, we have decided to focus mostly on our project management tools, to be more efficient and save time to focus on what is really important: being creative and responsive. The Implementation of two different software in our internal process is helping us to better understand where we are now. One is really oriented in task management, helping for better communication and coordination. The other one gives more perspective which a master timeline of our projects, allowing us to achieve three main goals: invoicing, data and staff traffic management.

To me, it has always been very exciting to join a structure at this stage of maturity. In such a small and flexible structures, each member of the team has an opportunity to imprint their own mark, decide what its work can be, and how to design its environment. I am very grateful to be able to learn so much, and do my part in building something bigger than me.

Stan De Saint Quentin

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