Yankees stadium

Yankees Stadium on weekend. Go yankees!

Last Friday I went to the Yankees Stadium to see a game. It was fun watching not only the game itself but also the team’s fans singing and cheering for their teams.

The Yankees Stadium is located in the Bronx and it’s quite interesting itself. It was built between 2006-2009, and it actually the second Yankees stadium built, the predecessor was used from 1923 until the construction of this one. It has hosted also other events like baseball, football games, soccer matches, and concerts. I went for a walk, before actually sitting to watch the game, and I found it to be a very impressive stadium, definitely worth the visit.

The place also has a lot of amenities and facilities, there are many places for eating and drinking, which is really great (especially if you are going straight from work, as I did). Last but not least, one little tip: if you go, don’t forget to try the ice cream shakes at Monster Shakes, they are AMAZING.

Clara Mastropietro


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