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It’s been my few working months in New York as an architecture designer. The experience is definitely marvelously amazing, from international exposure all the way up to various kind of architecture projects involved, that effectively my knowledge and perspectives towards more advanced level of architecture thoughts, thinking and practices. While practicing in New York, the heart of the Big Apple City, enjoy hanging out in the New York City library, enjoy the multi-level high ceiling with 1900’s architectural details as master piece of art while enjoying working on my computer.

Especially when the winter is approaching, while my host company is just strategically located near the Bryant Park, to pass by the park is absolutely fantastic, with the outdoor ice skating set up, happening shop lot retails booth set up along the park with magical lighting design for Christmas atmosphere, that gave me the inspiration to visit everyday week.


With my recent New Year’s trip to Washington DC, I had an amazing time to visit the Smithsonian Space Museum near Dulles Airport, Virginia. An amazing place to visit, especially for aircraft lover. The museum also famous as the filming location of movie ‘Transformers 2′, when the movie cast found the Decepticons’ robot fighter. The place was equipped with many historical hero aircraft, from Black Bird SR 71, once the world’s fastest spying airplane with Mach 3 speed, Enola Gay’s aircraft, the airplane that historically dropped the Nuclear bomb to the Hiroshima, Japan during world war 2, and especially the Space Shuttle to the Space / Apollo mission’s. 


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