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New office location: moving from SoHo to FiDi

The new office is located at a typical american big black skyscraper right in the peak of Manhattan. So as you can imagine, views are spectacular. Specially my spot (I have to say) is the best.

Last October, after almost thirty years in the core of SoHo, Cetra Ruddy (the firm where I’m working) moved its location to a new and fresh office in Financial District. The process of moving, cleaning and organizing was long and complicated but it was also very organized and a fun experience to live. And after all, the new place is a real privilege place to work!

Cetra Ruddy’s old office in SoHo started in the 1980’s within a small room in the 4th floor at 584 Broadway. By that time, there was only one computer for all the office. Over the years, the firm started to grow up and new spaces in the floor were acquired. The office was similar to a maze, because it consisted on different rooms connected  by corridors. And one thing that was really characteristic was the cracking wood floor. It was an old office but you eventually became attached to it. Nevertheless, the office kept growing and it was necessary a change.

During the month of September, the office was emptied and cleaned little by little every day. And the last week of the month, each of us had a green crate were to put our personal items to move to the new office. It was amazingly well organized. We looked likes a group of ants working coordinately and efficiently. With some bottles of Champagne, last day in the old office was really emotive. Cetra Ruddy is full of hard workers.

The new office is located at a typical american big black skyscraper right in the peak of Manhattan. So as you can imagine, views are spectacular. Specially my spot (I have to say) is the best. Well, actually they are still working on the shadows for the windows, but I see the Statue of Liberty every day to my left. And I feel what many people feel here: you sometimes forget that you are in New York because it becomes so day to day experience. Also, the space is so big and modern. Common areas, meditation room, natural light all along the space and no crunchy floor. Sometimes it gets a bit noisy, messy and distracting because of people are moving crazily and yelling if there is a deadline (or four) in the air. So, to be honest, I find better to work after hours when everything is more quiet.

Definitely, this change is making so well to the company. And what about that you can enjoy the sunset everyday!!!

Miguel de Ossa

Trainee at Cetra RuddyNew York

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