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It’s Coming Out Day – Do You Have Something You’d Like to Say?

International Coming Out Day is a holiday worth discussing because we are in the business of making dreams come true. But this side of happiness is something only you are in charge of…

Love is a beautiful thing, so living a life trying to hide your love is horrible. Believe me, I know.

I decided that the International Coming Out Day is a holiday worth talking about on our blog because we are in the business of making dreams come true. Okay, we aren’t as cool as Disney but we also make people happy by showing them a whole new world by offering paid career experience in the Land of Possibilities. And yet, even if you do take on this adventure, your inner happiness still depends on you in the end. Even if everything around you is perfect – a great position in the best company, a fancy apartment in the Upper East Side and finding the coolest new friends – it’s possible that that’s not enough. Because if you live in the closet (metaphorically speaking) and have grown so accustomed to it that you no longer even consider the possibility of ever escaping from it, all the wonders of this world will not be enough to make you glad you’re alive. Love is amongst the main pillars of life and hiding it (or worse – ignoring it altogether) because you have heard it’s not the correct one can result in the whole building crumbling down…

Now I’m not saying coming out is easy. It’s really not. But it’s worth it for the rest of your life to be how it should be – what YOU want it to be. Here is why coming out is a big deal and why to go forward with it:

  • Holding hands (or whatever you PDA you enjoy) with your significant other in public without worrying someone you know might see you.
  • Hanging up photos of the 2 of you around your house without worrying that someone might stop by unexpectedly and see them.
  • Sharing your stories as well when your friends are on the topic of romance and relationships and happiness.
  • Uploading cute photos of you two with love declarations on social media on your monthly anniversaries.
  • Not lying to your family about who you’ll be spending the weekend with or living with or marrying one day.
  • Finding out who your real friends are (those who love you for who you are even if it doesn’t coincide with their beliefs).
  • Taking your partner to social and family events as your official +1 and presenting him/her as more than just “a friend”.
  • Using in general the terms of endearment such as (in my case) “my girl”, “my girlfriend”, “my love”, “my life” and so on.

I could go one forever but even if you just consider these few top-of-mind benefits, it should give you some courage to tell someone. Don’t start big (as in telling your family) – first share with those you are pretty sure would stand behind you because you will need your army of true friends when you get hurt by the rest. And do think of us as part of your support crew! #Loveislove pretty much sums up our opinion of relationships. So if you gather up the power to tell even 1 person today of who you love, we’ve succeeded! Because for us success is making you happy however we can.




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