Moma PS1

This last weekend I’ve been at MoMA PS1 with my friends. This is a great opportunity to enjoy “warm up 2017” a place where you can enjoy the best live electronic music and some really interesting exhibitions

Every year there is a big installation in their patio. Young architects developed this amazing project every summer. So is also a good opportunity to know new emerged architectural studios. This year the installation is called “Lumen” and it was design by Jenny Sabin Studio. This studio is based at Philadelphia and they working with biology, computation, and crafts.

Lumen is a huge installation where the people can feel immerse. It’s made of over 1 million yards of digitally knitted fiber, Lumen’s large-scale cellular canopies feature 250 hanging tubular structures, 100 robotically woven recycled spool stools, and a misting system that responds to visitors’ proximity.  This installation interacts with the sun creating amazing shadows that are changing all the day, with the wind and with the people. This project reminds me to biology and nature because of the shape and geometries than creates.

If you love art and music you should go and enjoy this opportunity.

Suana Escudero


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