Chinese New Year


Sooo, I got there, and suddenly I end on a great party all over the street!

2017 is a ROOSTER year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Most people know that Chinese New Year was on the 28th January, but this is the magic about this city, anyday is good for another celebration! Let’s tell the story:

Last weekend, I was visiting North Beach, specifically, Litlle Italy (I will talk about it in another post) and I decided to go to Grant Street, randomly.

Grant Street is the main street in Chinatown, (for the ones who don´t know, this city has the biggest Chinese population after China! Yes, even bigger than New York’s), I love this street because you can find aaaaany kind of stuff, it is absolutely awesome! I just love walking around and see all kind of things you don’t even know what they are for. Sooo, I got there, and suddenly I end on a great party all over the street! You could see children exploding firecrackers, a lot of Chinese food stands, even a parade!!! Yes, with dragons and some of the most famous actors on the US television, or this that is what I was told… You want to see the videos? Check my instagram! 🙂

BEST SPOT: On 916 Grand Street they serve what travel guides say is the best MAI TAI of the world, and of course I had to try it and it was awesome! If you ever come, stop by!

For the ones who lives in other cities, I hope I encourage you to visit this great city post by post! #SanFrancisco

Carmela Hera


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