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What It’s Like to Be part of our Architect-US Participants?

We have sponsored top-notch architects and engineers from all over the world. They’re now in New York, Chicago, Washington D.C, Miami, San Francisco… Discover their “Architect-US experience”!

If there’s something that defines Architect-US are the Architect-US participants: architects, engineers, designers, trainees or interns… they’re all equal for us and our pride.

We have already sponsored more than 50 Architect-US participants from all over the world. They’re now in New York, Chicago, Washington D.C, Miami, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco and many more American cities and they tell their experiences in our blog. Here there are some of their reflexions about their “Architect-US experience”:

Lorena Galvao, Architect. Intern at IBI Group, Portland

Lorena comes from Brazil, is one of our Architect-US Participants and she currently works in Portland… Let’s she explain it herself!

Esteban Becerril, Architect. Trainee at SOM, Washington DC

Esteban, from Spain, is living an amazing professional experience at Skidmore, Owings, and Merril. In one of his post for the blog he wrote:

Most of the people think that having a professional experience in USA is impossible, it isn’t. After many tries I can affirm that the easiest and fastest way to get a job and live your American Dream is through Architect-US.

Rodrigo Castroviejo, Architect. Intern at Cetra Ruddy, New York

Rodrigo, a Spanish architect and other of our Architect-US Participant wrote his first post at the very beginning of his internship in NY, while he still couldn’t believe he was already there:

I write you from the “center of the center” of the civilization. I have accomplished the dream of my life. I think in a part I deserve it, but this dream, the one you too have, the one you have fought for, of working abroad in the States, not only depends on you. This is the reality. That’s why I will always be grateful to the Architect-US team. They gave me a final push in order to be here, writing to you, from my bed, in the New Yorker SOHO. This is not a dream anymore.

Stefania Sconfienza, Architect. Intern at JMAPC, New York

Stefania is from Argentina and was one of our first participants. She came back home a few months ago and in her final post “Closing Stages” she spoke about the experience of her life, an #ArchitectUSexperience:

This was the perfect experience, complete and intense, what I always dreamt about doing. I believe that as Architects we never stop learning, our profession is a passion that only gets stronger with time and basically that was my aim when I decided to apply to the program. I am happy about my decision to be part of it and thankful to everyone that was part of my moments in New York.

Clare Edwards, Architect. Trainee at Bittoni Architects, Los Angeles

Clare, British, was already living in Los Angeles when she contacted Architect-US and had already found a position there but needed help with her J-1 Visa. In her post “Up in the clouds”, write inside the plane, she explains it:

The work team of Architect-US has been so helpful and really made the process of obtaining my J-1 visa understandable. Because I was already living in Los Angeles I was in the position to contact local Architecture practices myself. I applied for and was offered a position at Bittoni Architects. Architect-US worked with myself and my placement practice to arrange all the paperwork. The visa process can be a bit confusing at times but Architect-US has been amazing at explaining how everything works.

Emilia Björk, Business Developer. Trainee at Build Academy, New York

As you can see, Emilia, from Sweden, is very happy with her passport, which allowed her to enter to the U.S. And she has something to tell about that:

One thing I really appreciate (apart from assisting you with the entire application process) is that the health insurance is included in the program. An advice I would like to share is that you start the application process early. To gather all documents needed, like reference letters, transcripts and certificates may take much more time than you think. Also, make sure you have a passport that is valid for the whole time-period you are staying in America, so you don’t have to travel back home just to renew it.



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