SANAA just 2 hours away

If you are living in New York you are closer than you think from this amazing building by SANAA, the Grace Farms. You just need to take a day off from the city, wake up early and take the North Train from Grand Central.

Located very close to New Canaan, a wealthy tiny village upstate New York where it is also nice to spend some time wandering around if you have extra time, the Grace Farms Farms is a cultural complex surrounding by nature. Its winding shape was thought as the channel of a stream falling from the top of the hill where it is placed, turning out to be a very organic building that enhances the own features of the wonderful landscape around.

The building is free access and everybody visiting could enjoy of any of its facilities, from its basketball court to its library. However I strongly recommend to pay for the guided tour. The guide was an architect who knew lots of anecdotes about the building constructions and who was able to point us out many thing that otherwise we would have probably missed. Once the tour was over, we spent some time on our own. We also have lunch there at their organic cafe, where food is made from fresh organic food they harvest. Really tasty and pricewise reasonable. What I liked the most was how the building perfectly interacts with the landscape, like if no physical boundaries were there.

Spending a whole Saturday visiting this place was totally worth it. Not only is the building a master piece but the wonderful natural surroundings are the perfect way to scape from the hustle and bustle of the city whenever you need some fresh air. It is just a one day trip but enought to have your batteries refilled and get some inspiration.


Claudia Conde


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