For those who have heard from someone :”BUY ORGANIC FOOD IN USA!”, and wonder: “ok, but WHERE?”

I am sure I am not the only one who was told just after arriving to USA that I shouldn’t eat too much meat and that I should provide my fridge just with organic vegetables. And I thought: ” ok, but I can find it in any supermarket, right?” The answer is no.

In USA everyone is aware of how many chemical products are used for assuring the correct growth of the harvest, so everyone is looking for the natural products. You would say: ” Ah, in my country they use the chemical products and still we buy the food in the supermarkets”. But here there are just a few of chains where you can find the natural products, and of course, they are more expensive too. 

WHOLE FOODS is the most famous, and not all might be organic, but the most part of it. Then there is TRADER JOES, a little bit cheaper but also with organic products. Usually the queues are endless but it is all about money!

At weekends there are strategical points where you can find organic products out of the supermarkets. On Saturdays, Union Square (14th street with Broadway and Park Ave) is full of little stands where very often you can taste the product before buying it. Here the quality is as high as the price to pay, but for some products it might me worth it. And another perk is that you have a city bike dock next to it, besides the subway!

I think in Brooklyng there is a similar market in Borough Hall at weekends too, and there are a lot of mini stands in the street who assured me that the vegetables and the fruit that they sell are organic too (I don’t know if it is true or not, but the prices usually are much cheaper than in a supermarket, and you can have even sales if the product is not very fresh but still eatable).

So now you know where to find healthy organic products that can compensate the cupcakes, donuts and peanut butter typical from USA!!


Noelia Alvarez


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