If you want to live to the US this post will be helpful!

If you want to visit US (either for holidays or work) we recommend that you prepare a hosting plan before reaching the US. If you want to find your dream job in the US, Architect-US will help you! Sponsoring your J1 visa and taking care of all red tape related to make your ‪American Dream‬‬‬‬ come true! However you will be responsible for looking for the right accommodation there.

This post is full of tips and recommendations to help you finding accommodation before your arrival in USA and making the appartment haunting a bit eaiser. We will cover the best areas to live, the different accommodation options and the best websites out there! We will use New York as an example for the post, but these recommendation can be useful across the U.S.

The first thing to know is that the property market in New York is very expensive. Lofts in the heart of Manhattan are just ridiculously pricy! People who work in Manhattan prefer to live in others areas like Brooklyn (Williamsburg, Prospect Park), Queens (Astoria, LIC) or New Jersey (Hoboken) because the rents are much lower and the commuting is easy as well. One room outside of Manhattan is around $700-900. But we aware that these are the lowest prices to find in New York, and if you find that bargain you should take it! We recommend to order the offers according to price and to ignore those which are not in between these standard ranges.

On the other hand, maybe with a good research and a little bit of patience you can find a good place and not very expensive in the Uppers, both the Upper East Side and Upper West Side (tradicional rich areas of Manhattan).

Looking for an apartment from abroad is very difficult so we recommend starting the search before you get to the US, staying in a temporary room and do an Airbnb for instance your first days, and once in the US visit the selected accommodations!

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Check out the list of the best websites to find easily accommodation:


It is the number one website to find accommodation or buy furniture, electrical appliances and any other product!


It is the other very known website, mostly among students!


Insurent’s goal is to give an international young profesvsionals and students the best opportunity to obtain their desired apartment in a desirable and safe neighborhood!


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Agencies are other option to find accommodation. They offer you a selected group of apartments according to your requirements and needs. There are a lot of agencies but our recommendation is:

William B. May

This agency has more than 100 years of experience operating in NY and helping Spanish people that come to the United States and want a temporal accommodation or a long-term apartment! In addition this company has two Spanish employees:

  • Concha Carrasco_ Email: concha@wbmay.com / Phone: +1 (917) 340-5181
  • María Duque_ Email: mduque@wbmay.com / Phone:+1 (917) 365-5507


Another way to find an apartment is through Social Media. We use in this post Spanish Communities as an example:

Españoles en Nueva York _ Website / Facebook

Spaniards Website 

Spanish Expats NYC _ Facebook 


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Residences are another accommodation choice to live in New York. Residences are a good option because you can meet people from all over the world there! Here we show you a list of residences:

Equity Apartments

Phone: (312) 474-1300

High-quality properties in growth markets such as New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.


Phone: (800) 297-4694

Perfect for students! They provide comfortable and secure residences. They host thousand of students and interns from all over the world as they study and work in NYC.

92 Y

Phone: (800) 858 4692

Kolping House

Phone: (718) 733-6119

The Markle Evangeline Residence

Phone: (212) 242 2400

A female residence in the heart of Manhattan (West Side)

Hotel 99

Phone: (212) 222-3799

To find studios or rooms in New York

1760 Third Avenue 

Phone: (800) 297-4694 or (212) 600-5000

Email: 1760Third@studenthousing.org


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Bellow, other list to housing choices if you want to find accommodation in other Cities or States (Washington, Texas, Florida, California,…):


It is the leading Real Estate and Rental Marketplace! Perfect to buy, sell, rent, finance or remodel a home.


Simplify the process of finding a new place to live! It offers you a database of millions of apartment around the country.

Low Income Housing

 Perfect to find low income apartments!

Apartment Finder

One of the largest and most trusted apartment search companies!


We hope you have found the post helpful and good luck with the search!





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