Now that I am living in New York I’ve become a city biker. It’s a really nice way to get to know the city since it helps to link and understand the different districts and boroughs.

The public biking transportation system, called City Bike, works incredibly good. There are lots of bike stations all around the city and very close to each other’s, so if one of them happens to be empty you will easily find another one nearby. There is also an App that helps you find the closest station to your location, as well as letting you know how many bikes are available. Regarding the road infrastructure, most of the streets have biking paths. Even the bridges have separated paths for both, bikes and pedestrians, which it does really make a difference when riding in such a crazy city. However, I found it much safer than expected, especially when riding at night it is amazing how peaceful the city could be. Just beware of the taxi drivers because they are the only danger you will find along your way, mainly during the rush hour.

Pricewise it turns out to be the cheapest way of transportation (less than 15$ per month) in addition to the healthiest one. Since in NYC you never have enough time or money to do everything you’d like this is a good way to save both, money and working out time.

I find it so rewarding to see my personal improvements throughout these last months using the City Bikes. It was a big surprise realizing that Manhattan is not flat at all and how tough it could get to ride up. But now I have no trouble at all. I especially feel it when crossing the Williamsburg Bridge. The first time I was about to die but now it’s just a piece of cake!

Claudia Conde


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