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In this post we can find some information about how to rent an apartment in NYCI’m sure that many of you have experienced the stress of searching an accommodation in NYC. In this post I will speak about my personal experience and I will give you some tips.


When we start the search, the first thing we notice is the high price of the square meter in Manhattan. Many of us think that in principle we are going to be one year in this city so we decide to enjoy as much as possible and look for it in Manhattan despite the high price. The real state in NYC is very dynamic so it is quite difficult to find an apartment in advance. The most usual is to find a room one or two weeks before moving to the Big Apple.

Prices for a standard room can range from 1100-2000 dollars depending on the area and quality. The ideal and recommended method is to find a room that has been recommended by a friend or relative and in this way have references about roommates. If not, another possible option is to use applications like Roomster where the account is associated with the profile of Facebook and thus can get some data about who you rent the house and roommates.

The less desirable but useful option is search the room through the website Craigslist but there is a lot of fraud. In my case I found it by Craigslist but a friend of mine who lives in NY could visit the apartment while I was in Spain.

I hope this information has been helpful and good luck with the search!

Ignacio Ansorena


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