Working in a small architectural firm, has many advantages.

You will feel like a part of the team very quickly, you can develop a closer relationship with your co-workers, you might have the opportunity of doing many different things. One of the bad things when your firm that it is really, really, small, it is that it may not have some of the comfort that you can enjoy in a larger working place. At the beginning, you are going to miss having a kitchen or a place to eat beside your desk. However, not being able to have lunch at the office it is bad for your wallet but it is great in every other way!

Leaving the offices walls for one hours makes a difference in the day! You have a time to rest in a different space, and once you come back to the office you are more excited to go back to work. Eating with your co-workers and talking about something not work-related helps you to grow closer to them. But the best thing it is that you are going to try every restaurant in the area.

My office, located in Myrtel Avenue in Brooklyn, it is surrounded for all types of restaurants. I have tried Thai food, Moroccan, Indian, American, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese and even Spanish, any type of food that you can imagine. There are so many possibilities that looking for new places and enjoying this time with my co-workers it one of the best parts of my day!

Susana Zárraga


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