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Architect-US booth was the most visited during the UPM Employment Fair

Architect-US Career Training Program virtual booth was the most visited during the Madrid Polytechnic University‘s Employment Fair!!!!

According to the IMASTE report Architect-US booth received 1805 visits during the employment fair organized by the Madrid Polytechnic University from 18-24 of May. To see the full report please follow this link:

Architect US Stand Virtual2

Architect-US UPM Employment Fair Virtual Booth 

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During the fair Architect-US’s team explained the key aspects of participating in the U.S. Government Exchange J-1 Visitor Program, covering all the details related to the J-1 Visa. Students, recent graduates and professionals from all technical careers, mainly Architects and Engineers, visited Architect-US’s booth eager to learn more about the Program.

Among other subjects, the most frequently questions where:

Q.: How can I obtain a visa to pursue an internship or training in the US?

A.: In order to comply with the U.S Department of State regulations every exchange visitor needs an official sponsor in order to get a J-1 visa. 

Q.: What are the eligibility requirements to participate in Architect-US Professional Career Training Program?

A.: Students and young professionals in the field of Architecture, Engineering and Design, ages 18-35, can participate as long as they meet the requirements of one of the following categories:

Interns:    – Students currently enrolled in a University outside of the U.S., or

                – Recently graduated with a degree awarded outside the U.S. within 12 months 

Trainees:  – Graduated with a degree awarded outside the U.S. + 1 year of experience, and

                 – One (1) year of experience in the field of training, full time, gained outside of the U.S.

Q.: Which professional careers are eligible to participate in the Program?

A.: Students, graduates and young professional of all technical careers in the field of Architecture and Engineering are more than welcome to participate!

Q.: Can Architect-US sponsor the J-1 visa of a participant who already has a job offer from a U.S. based Company? 

A.: Correct. Architect-US Career Training Program participant’s could either participate in the:

– “Find your Internship/Training USA” Program by which they will look for their internship/training opportunity in the US and Architect-US will sponsor their visa, health insurance and all related paper work; or by contrary, participate in the

– “Internship and Professional Career Training USA” Programs by which Architect-US will look for participant’s US internship/training opportunity (providing the Committee of Selection approves their credentials for admission).

Q.: The internships / training positions offered by the Program are paid?

A.: All Architect-US Interns and Trainees will have to have a minimum stipend of $10/hour unless the state minimum wage is higher, in which case state minimum wage shall apply. In case of monthly stipend, the minimum required stipend is $1,300/month.

Thanks to all attendees, stakeholders and visits who made it possible! Should you want to learn more about our participation please email us at



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