Only a month left, final countdown

Its incredible how time flies, I can not believe it is already my last month here. New York City is the city that never sleeps, and that has been made clear to me these last weeks.

During the last month I was lucky enough to travel to Boston. It was not my first time there, but not for that was it less special. I had the chance to visit one of my best friends, and the weekend was simply amazing. Boston is such a nice city, where it feels like home in every corner. I would love to say that our schedule there was very busy and that we visited a lot of things, but that wouldn’t be true. I just needed a chill weekend out of the crowds of NYC. So, we spent our time walking around and eating very tasty food.

Then, I had also the opportunity to visit Cornell University. I spent my junior year in Cornell, and I was dying to go back. I had the chance to meet some professors and campus facilities, and I can only say that the campus is beautiful during spring! It was already finals season, but anyways the atmosphere was just perfect. It always feels fantastic t

o go back to a place that at some point you called home! Go big red!

Last but not least, I spent some other weekends playing rugby with my club here. Taking the field with the girls and then going out after the game is all I could ask for. My team is like my family and they are the best support anyone could have. Finally, Memorial Day was here, and we had an extra vacation day! That felt extremely good. As they say, no one knows how much you are lucking vacations days until you have one of them, hahaha. Weather is finally nice out and I am ready to make the best of my last days here!

Iratxe López


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