One Month in New York at StudioMDA

Today I celebrate one month in New York. In the studio where I am, they trusted me from the first moment and immersed me in a complexity of projects typical of this city. From serving clients in a language that is not yours, participating in conversations with contractors and their agreements, as well as being part of the design team of important projects whose main typologies are artistic, residential and fairs. Although I’m only going for a short time, I already have an idea of ​​the magnitude of new knowledge I will acquire, and that makes me want to make the most of each day. I like that they trust in my autonomy and periodic review of my activities. The environment is stress-free and very understandable. It is definitely an experience that I recommend. In this city, projects are pouring in and the amount of investment in construction is enormous. The cadence of projects that the office has is admirable, and makes me feel that I am in good hands for my professional development.

I also have to mention all the opportunities and experiences I am having. I am making international friends and each one has a powerful line of interest that makes you admire them, and I manage to learn a lot from them. This intercultural experience only feeds my skills and abilities: I am learning Russian and Portuguese!, I understand the realities of other regions of the world much better, and I want to learn everything about their culture. Although many of them return to their country, the opportunity to do this exchange exercise is once in a lifetime.

And this city is precisely suited for this: New York is the center of the world, for tourists, for economies and for the search for opportunities. I had the opportunity to explore the city, understand its complex but effective transportation line and the well-known New York subway. At first this city is scary because of the amount of movement, but little by little you understand the reason for being and you become a local.

Although this change is not easy, as it is accompanied by some downfalls due to missing your family, they support me unconditionally from a distance. There is the promise of meeting again but this time as an architect with qualities to face any challenge. Little by little I feel that they are trusting in my way of designing and my responsibility. In the next blogs I will tell you how it goes. For now, it feels like the best experience of my life.

Angello Reátegui


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