Be patient and don’t give up!

Tomorrow starts my journey in the USA as a trainee and I’m really excited my time has finally come!

My name is Cristina Zambrano, I am an interior designer and project manager from Panama City, Panama. I have more than a year of work experience in different small studios from my country. I always wanted to experience the American culture, so one of my dreams was to be able to live there for a while and the moment has come!

Something that I have learned during this process is to be patient. I have been part of the pool of candidates for over a year, but I didn’t give up! Now I’m preparing to leave to Arizona to be part of CLL – Concept Lighting Lab as a interior designer and lighting designer trainee.

I never expected the process was going to take long, but for me it took a while. Each person is different, but rejection is redirection! I was in the pool of candidates for more than a year, but each interview helped me to prepared myself for the right opportunity. So, if it happens that you don’t get selected at the first time, don’t panic! The opportunity will come.

Once I received the offer thanks for being part of the pool of candidates, the process became faster. Once I got my documents delivered, I got the Embassy appointment fast, and by a few days my passport was ready to be collected. You must be calm and confident, and the interview will go alright.

Now, as I am arranging the last details for my flight tomorrow, I feel grateful that I will start this new month of September with new experiences, new challenges, and new friendships. This may feel overwhelming; however, it will get better and better. I will miss my country, family, and friends but as I once read: «how lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.»

Cristina Zambrano


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