First Month as a Trainee in Tucson, Arizona!

My first month in Tucson went by so fast! Can’t believe it’s been a month and I already got to visit New Mexico and Texas, Marfa.

CLL was celebrating 10 years in business, and we got the opportunity to see Donald Judd and Robert Irwin’s work with a trip to Marfa, Texas. We drove there Thursday and returned on Sunday. We were along with the University of Arizona architecture students, so it was interesting getting to know them and to share thoughts and opinions of the work we saw.

In the road trip, we stopped at White Sands National Park. The landscape was stunning, and we got to see the sunset! This is a place I will never forget, I’m glad I got to share this experience with my coworkers and boss even though I just arrived at the company. We stayed there for a while unexpectedly because we ran out of gas, but we got to experience the place a bit more while we waited for the service. At least we have a funny anecdote to tell.

Besides this trip I’ve tried plenty American food, and I went to my first tailgate in University of Arizona on parent’s weekends, so it was crowded and fun experience.

I have learned a new presentation technique by the time that I have been working here and there is so much more to learn and I’m eager to experience it. Now working with lighting designers, I will understand more about the lighting studies and specifications. Currently I’m working in the interiors but I’m so excited to learn more and become a lighting designer too.

So far, I enjoy living in the desert, and getting into the fall season, I love it even more since it is getting colder. Can’t wait for what October has to offer!

Cristina Zambrano


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