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My first month in San Francisco!

My first month is San Francisco


So I can finally say I made it for my first month in San Francisco! It has been quite fast and hectic, and now I am finally feeling settling more into the city and the job.

From all my trips around the world, I would say this is the more challenging for multiple reasons:

1- everything is soooo expensive and even though I knew it before arriving, I am surprised everyday of how much expensive everything is, from rent, to going out, activities and hobbies, gym clubs… it is way more expensive than LA and it takes some time to get used to the prices.

2-learning Revit from scratch is quite hard, but I love to learn and I’m getting there very slowly

3- the imperial system!! I was warned that it would be painful but I did not imagine how hard it would be, especially when doing maths haha!!

But overall, the first month went really well, I think that from now on it will get easier, I will join a gym, a pottery membership as well as jewelery class for 3month so I am filled with activities!

San Francisco is such a cut city filled with charms, the cute little houses with every colors are really making me feel like Im in a movie very often! I love that there are so many beautiful parks with dog areas everywhere. I love the chill side of the city and how everyone just wears comfortable outfits rather than wanting to look very fashion. I love the culture mix and the amount of events there is!

I bought an electric bike to go to work and I’m loving the 20min commute! I go through Hayes Valley and Valencia in the Mission district and it’s so beautiful

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