Street Art Everywhere – Los Angeles

I think art is an essential subject we, as architects and designers, are drawn to.
In my travels, art, and especially street art, is something that I love to contemplate a gives such a personality to the city or neighborhoods.

I don’t live near downtown or even in a touristy place! Just a normal family neighborhood in between more famous places, and even like that you can see street art all over the place, just on a 10-minute walk around the area! I love it!

These are just some of the examples of street art around my block.

This is one of my favorite places, is not street art. It is a tiny gallery situated in a Japanese neighborhood with the most random and cute exhibitions.
This is the perfect example of the most random one that I was able to visit. The gallery was packed with tiny art on post-its! The white spots are the ones already sold, so as you can imagine, how full were those walls!
Such a tiny place where you can spend hours to be able to absorb so much information!

PS: I think we can consider everything as art, right? That front yard that I chose as the cover for this post can never stop amusing me!
Every time I pass by that house I can find a different toy that remembers my childhood and brings me so many comfortable emotions and fun memories!
I think they have toys there that can fit any generation, and that is so cool!
(I am going to be very honest, I passed this house on my first week living here and I found it so creepy, but after a while, after being used to how people here like to be creative with their front yards, it totally changed my way of looking at things. This is one of the most amazing things about living in another culture!

In the end, if it transmits emotions, for me it can be considered as art!


Maria Lima


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