Fall in NYC

Throughout the period of my training, I realized that every season is very different from the other in the city. Going through fall was very interesting as well as disconcerting with the drastic temperature changes. We could go from Indian summer to harsh winter in the span of a week, it’s a challenge not to be sick with these temperature changes! The most beautiful part of the season was seeing the colors of the city transform; become these fiery mixtures of leaves ranging from red to yellow. Without forgetting the Christmas décor and lights getting set up all over the city. The holiday spirit is filling the city, and there is no better feeling.

My training is always getting more and more interesting. Last week I submitted my first complete CD set, it was a great challenge and I learnt so much from it. The best part of working on a deadline is not only learning how to manage priorities and tasks; but also learning the core values of teamwork and task splitting. This helped me learn so much from my coworkers and want to continue learning and gaining from working together. I strongly believe that everyone, no matter the age and level of experience, always has something to bring to the table and something to learn from.

I also got to experience my first American thanksgiving. Where I come from, we do not celebrate this holiday, and the best part of doing a cultural exchange is to get to be immersed into the culture of the country you are in. everything from the holiday atmosphere to the witnessing the preparations of the holiday was super interesting. Now I can’t wait to see all the lights and parades getting ready for Christmas and the new year.

Sarah Sioufi


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