October: a month to halloween yourself

This month was marked through Halloween. As my first Halloween in America, I dedicated my leisure time to this kind of festivities, trying to experience it fully, as I share below.

Halloween Horror Night

I had the opportunity to go with a couple of friends to one of universal’s HHN (Halloween Horror Night).
I had already been to the park theme but experiencing this at another time of the day in this specific horror theme made me feel in a completely different space. Besides the most famous rides, the park at night opens some specific attractions, the haunted houses. Of all the ten houses, we could make 7, due to the lines, the longest one we had was one hour and a half.
My favorite one was with the weekend theme because it was creepy but fun simultaneously to the path through the attractions through his songs.

Halloween Parties

Another experience that I would like to share was during the parties I went to. I had fun and enjoyed each of them, with the costumes and the games, drinking or not.
The decoration and the food were always tremendous and ultimately creative.
The house’s decorations wholly changed, from the inside to the outside, and it’s fun to see how the entire neighborhood embraces the season and transforms its front facade, preparing itself for the tricking and treat moment.

Corn Maze & Carving Pumpkin

Some falls festivals that I could go to had other fall attractions for this season.
A fun one is the corn maze, where people usually go in the evening/night and lose themselves over the corn crops and try to find the way out.
The one I have been to was family-friendly, and it closed earlier, so we went in the afternoon, but it was fun in the same way; I had a great time with my friends.
In addition, carving the pumpkin was one of my favorite activities. We chose and bought our pumpkins and carving tools, gathered together in a public square, and started cutting according to each inspiration we had. Some are scarier; others are more funny or even friendly; at the end of the day, you allow yourself to let your creativity lead you through it, and it’s fun!

Final comments

Compared with how Brazilians used to enjoy Halloween, I noticed the difference in cultures.
People here dedicate themselves to creating their costumes and decorating their houses, even if they are not hosting any party, just because it’s time.
The entertainment of the holiday lasts for the entire month. On the day of the tricking and treating, the whole town mobilized to enjoy it with their family and friends.
It’s intrinsic in the American culture this holiday and all the festivities. It was a great first experience by the end of the month, can’t wait for the next.


Stephany Altruda


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