First of all, I would like to point out that the temperatures have finally dropped a bit and it feels colder these days. But let’s not fool ourselves, they have only dropped on average 2-3 degrees Celsius. Even so, it is noticeable and pleasant.

On the other hand, the days are getting shorter, and it starts to get dark earlier. Although Santurce, the area where I live, never seems to sleep. Tourists this month have been coming in droves, and it has been noticeable in the party nights.

We close October with Halloween, night of the dead. The tradition continues as in the rest of the United States of going out in costumes and going door to door as a family.

I want to highlight that this month we have closed the Schematic Design phase of the project I am working on. It has been a month of hard work. A few days ago more people have joined the MARVEL family in the San Juan office. One of them has come in to help in the hotel project, which we are starting the design development phase now.

I have not had much time to travel yet and tour the island, these months of hurricanes and rains have left a lot of flooding. In the office there have been several activities, among them the Chef’s Tuesdays, in which I had the opportunity to participate and bring typical food from my country for lunch. Everyone told me that they liked it very much, but the reality is that there was no food left over.

It has been almost 11 months on this island, in this office where I am learning a lot and with incredible people that I am meeting at work. I hope everything continues as well as it has been so far.


Gabriel Garcia-Cremades


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