A weekend at Boston

Why visiting Boston?

When I arrived in New York to start my internship program, I felt completely lost here. Didn’t know what to do first. Should I create a bank account? Or should I get a phone number first? Or go get my social security number?… Thankfully, I’ve remembered about a friend from high school in Brazil that came to the US for college. She came all the way from Boston to New York to help me in my first week here, so I felt in debt with her to go visit Boston someday.

First day

I decided to go to Boston this last weekend, during Halloween, so I could both get to know the city and also experience such a cultural event with a friend. Before my arrival, my friend had described Boston as “it’s just like New York, but smaller, older and everything is made out of bricks«. Definitely not a wise choice of words to describe this city! As soon as I arrived, I felt like I was in one of those country towns with a very pleasant atmosphere and a very uniform architecture.

In my first day there, my friend worked as my tourist guide, crossing all Boston and Cambridge by foot (actually, I only realized that Cambridge was a different city on my way back to NY). I was impressed how small of a city Boston is. As it’s one of the most famous cities in the US, I wasn’t expecting to be able to visit every corner of the city in just 1 day (by foot).

By the end of the first day, we went out for a walk on Downtown to enjoy the Halloween. As my first time ever being in the US during Halloween, I wasn’t expecting for the population to be so engaged into it. I’ve seen hundreds of different costumes, lots of them borderline professional cosplays.

Second day

In my second day, I didn’t have as much time, as my bus back to NY was scheduled for the afternoon. So I decided to do a gastronomic tour around the city. All this day can be put in a nutshell as my friend bringing me to her favorite places to eat. It’s not everyday I have 2 breakfasts and 3 lunches.

Karsion Kaminskas


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