Interstice Architects Selected Projects #2

History and Culture of Interstice Architects

Interstice Architects is a multi-disciplinary, San Francisco-based studio that designs sustaining places with a constant drive to reveal the latent potential of spaces—architectural, landscape, urban, and those in-between.

Interstice: a term defined as the space between. At the scale of the body, it is a dwelling: the space between the walls that shelter us—our private realm.  At an urban scale, it is the open spaces between buildings—the civic and public realm. It is also defined as an interval of time: the duration between ideation and completion. We also define it as the overlapping territory between landscape and architecture.

INTERSTICE Architects’ works diligently see the world through the overlaps in territory—between disciplines, between desires, between infrastructures, between roles. IA believes that designers take action at the nexus of program, client desires, mediation of varied scales; the now and the future, resiliency and resources.  The range and typology of the firm’s design work underscores this commitment to elevating material culture in the creation of places, dedicated to designing sustainable environments which engage and delight.

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INTERSTICE helps clients make places that create value and reflect ourclient’s values, from commercial buildings and private residences topublic and civic spaces, with a focus on the broadest possible interpretation of the designed realm.

IA is inspired by research into materials, with a scientific approach to program, and a deep commitment to understanding our clients. The firm is focused on unique conditions—those idiosyncratic social, historical, and ecological aspects that make each project distinctive. 

INTERSTICE works in a collaborative spirit donning the role of designers, educators, and activists acting on a core belief that sustainability is integral to lasting and relevant design. We strive to establish simple and sustainable solutions that improve quality of life: from working on small, community-oriented urban furniture installations to the re-envisioning of acres of coastal frontage as an ecological response to the challenges of sea level rise and bayside habitat degradation. Our architecture and landscapes are both experiential and respond to broader issues and opportunities: the use of repurposed waste stream materials, reversing the loss of bird and insect habitats, the stewardship of ancient trees, or creating minimalist solutions to complicated programs.  Diversity is a hallmark of INTERSTICE’s projects, clients, and collaborations. The designs that result are highly varied, yet specific, with a common objective of creating a place in the world better than when we came to it.

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Interstice Architects Selected Projects

Stanford Freidenrich Center for Translational Research Landscape

Photos by Interstice Architects

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Interstice Architects

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